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kind words

Rachel made us feel so comfortable at our session! We were nervous at first but she made us feel welcome and like we’d been friends for a while already. She did such a good job and we love our photos!

- Ben

“We did an engagement shoot in October and absolutely loved our photos! The shoot lasted about 30-45 minutes and Rachel was very easy to work with. We were very comfortable with her. At our July wedding Rachel was there to capture every moment! Rachel was very organized and professional, but most importantly, fun!! Our entire wedding party and family loved working with her, and she had great ideas not only for photos, but for keeping the day running smoothly. She was a great presence to have throughout the day. We thouroughly enjoyed our wedding day with her! My husband and I are in love with our wedding photos, and we have so many to choose from. We are so happy that we chose Rachel Lee Photography! ”

- Kelly

“Rachel was absolutely amazing! We did both our engagement and wedding photos with her. She is creative, fun, and makes you feel at ease the whole time! I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a wedding photographer!”

- Avonlea

“Rachel was an absolute blessing on our wedding day. She was so professional all day and captured beautiful photographs. Rachel is a talented young lady and truly enjoys what she loves; her photos exhibit this passion! We couldn’t have had a better photographer for our important day.”

- Brieanna

“I found your business while searching online for local photographers. I loved all the sample photos you had online so I decided to schedule an appointment. You were affordable, which was a big deal for me, but the biggest reason why I decided to book was because of your evident passion for photography. I knew you would do everything possible to capture our wedding day as it was and not try to change or stage photos just because. I knew you would create our wedding day story and illustrate our love through the photos. I was not disappointed :)”

- Allison

“Wonderful photographer. She caught all the important moments and did an amazing job with candid pictures all day. She took traditional posed photos and did a great job with creative more artistic shots too!”

- Theresa

“Rachel was so wonderful to work with! From day one she was quick to respond and flexible with working around our schedule. We had a blask taking engagement pictures with ehr! She is professional and knowledgeable with the right amount of fun mixed in. She has endless positive energy and made the whole picture taking process relaxing and stress free. She even went the extra mile on our wedding day to deliver a last minute message to our DJ when no one else could! We are head over heels with our wedding photos. They are amazing and so many important moments were captured beautifully from the day. We'd highly recommend Rachel for any photography needs.”

- Jen