Body Positivity and Social Media

IMG_8310 copyThis is me. My name is Rachel and I’m 25 years old. I’m going to lay it all out on the table for you, friends. I love being a photographer, traveling, reading a good book, sweatpants o’clock and following my favorite hockey team: the Minnesota Wild. Some days I’m super confident and rocking an outfit I love or a cute dress but some days I don’t feel good enough or pretty enough.

Our society is so focused on social media, getting likes, being popular and being a certain body type or size. It’s really hard being a woman in a society with such standards. We are showing Victoria’s Secret models from a young age and told that that is the definition of beauty and if we aren’t that size or skin color or height we aren’t beautiful. We have the freedom to post and speak our minds on these sites but are torn down and apart for when we don’t look a certain way. I’m not skinny. I’m not a size 0. [Not that being a size 0 is a bad thing. We come in all shapes and sizes.] I’m a curvy woman with a small business trying to make it in this crazy, scary world.

Lately, I’ve been following Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday. [You should if you don’t already!] These woman are badass, confident in their body types and sexy no matter how much skin they are showing. They are such inspirations to us all.

So, if you are a woman out there and feeling down about your looks or your body, I feel you! And I challenge you to do this trick that I’ve just started every morning: say something in the mirror to yourself that you like about you. It could be “I love my hair!” or “Wow my teeth look great today!” And I want to encourage you to forget that number on your jeans or shirt, because it doesn’t matter! You are beautiful no matter what. Who’s with me?!

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